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The Business services

IT Security Solutions

Our focus on Strategy & Architecture provides an end to end view of all the people activities, business processes and technology platforms that make up the internal and external organisational enterprise. We do not believe security should be an afterthought. Typical ("old fashioned") hard perimeters expose the corporation's soft internal core. Today, layered architecture, multiple access controls and role based authentication and identity access management architectures are the norm.

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IT Services Management Consulting

We provide consulting services to meet specific needs of our clients. Our skilled and knowledgeable staff can assist companies at both startegic and operational level.

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IT Infrastructure Operations

Services Data Centre: Operations Managment, Enabler of creation of the business ICT infrastructure, with key focus on security and availability, with minimal investment, and best practises in managment and operations.

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Key Service Offerings

Our Consulting Services ensures your specific requirements and outcomes are realised, through selected, complementary, Best Management Practices, standards, and frameworks. SourceNet Consulting professional service prides itself on resources and capabilities that assist clients with the planning, execution, and sustainable improvement of their Service Management & Governance initiatives.


Through our consulting, we ensure effective and efficient services are implemented according to the clients’ requirements.  Our consulting services cover: 

  • Planning
  • Assessments
  • ITSM implementations (via ITIL v3/4)
  • Infrastructure Operations Management
  • Backup and Storage Solutions

 SourceNet Consulting’s services enable clients to identify, develop, and implement the best-fit solutions which are equipped to meet their changing business requirements.  Our consulting provides total project management, and well-defined solutions.



We offer servers, computers, computer accessories and services by sourcing from local market and from international market as well. Our team of experts is ready to serve you when you are worried due to lack of confidence in “commitment of service”.  We also Supply, Delivery & Install: 

  • Data Centre, Structure Cabling Systems
  • Firewall, Wireless & Routers.
  • Ethernet Switches
    • Multiplexers (i.e., STM1/4/16/64 SDH Fibre Optic)
    • PC, Server & Storage, IP Cabinets
    • IT Security (Antivirus products, etc.)
    • Server & Switch Equipment maintenance

  Our strength lies in our ability to blend current management practice and IT expertise into cost-effective Computer Aided Management Solutions, Products and Services.

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Key Benefits Delivered

Access to newer technologies / Why managed Services? 

Businesses often overburden employees who may lack the skills and training required for certain tasks or are unable to manage the entire network on their own. In response, these companies recognize the value of working with a technical support company, such as SourceNet Cons (PTY) Ltd. Not only does IT outsourcing help with having an extra team of IT experts able to troubleshoot and remediate issues that arise, but clients also benefit from having access to the latest technology and business-grade solutions that maintain uptime and profitability, such as remote monitoring, management, backup and disaster recovery and much more. 

Investing in the managed services business model tackles existing labour constraints and prevents internal IT departments from always having to play catch-up. By working with SourceNet Cons (PTY) Ltd technicians’ businesses gain access to business-grade technology and leverage tools to increase their IT infrastructure’s reliability, allowing you to better plan for long-term goals that help scale your business.  

ROI and cost savings 

One of the biggest business values of managed services is greater cost savings. IT budgets consist of many items: hardware costs, software and network infrastructure costs, and maintenance costs etc. 

Maybe you want to work with needs to reduce the size of your IT department because the cost of paying your current staff is far too high. It could also be the case that the company lacks a dedicated IT team, and employees must compensate by performing technical tasks outside of their core area of expertise, slowing productivity, and preventing opportunity to grow. 

With the managed services business model, customers can more easily predict their IT costs on a month-to-month basis., allowing you to devote more time to higher-value projects you’re effectively equipped to manage while increasing overall productivity. 

Enhanced security 

Security is quickly becoming a annoying issue for all small businesses. Right now, is the time to evaluate the cybersecurity you have in place, protecting you, your clients and staff along with your reputation. Let us empower you with cost-effective technology which will future proof your business from random malware attacks. 

Peace of mind 

This is such an important benefit of managed IT services. You don’t want to have to worry about daily IT operations. You don’t want to have to second-guess the reliability and speediness of your network connection. Similarly, you don’t want to ever have to worry about the state of your IT environment. Choose to work with SourceNet Cons (PTY) Ltd in order to get 24/7/365 coverage and spend more of their time focusing on growing their business.  

SourceNet Cons (PTY) Ltd can spot potential disturbances and vulnerabilities, allowing you to resolve these problems before they develop into more critical threats. When you have a fully managed IT support package, we can troubleshoot and remediate glitches or bugs, be your extra pair of hands-on projects or simply be your IT health check provider. Again, pay us to worry about these things for your business so that you can enjoy daily peace of mind.  

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Featured products

Our offering with a wide range of computers, featuring top brands and support services that covers a very wide range of problems which you may have with your computers. We can also get them repaired and up and running again in the shortest time possible, with the absolute minimum hassle and inconvenience


Price list

Dell M115HD Mobile Projector Stand alone R 8 430.00
Dell M900HD, Mobile wireless Projector R 15 645.00
LG Projector - PV150, LED DLP R 6 034.00
LG Projector - PW800 R 10 242.00
THINKSERVER RD650 - Intel GRT Socket-R2, INTEL_XEON_E52620V3_2.40GHZ R 29 650.00
QNAP 4-Bay TurboNAS, Freescale ARM Cortex-A9 dual core 1.2GHz R 6 790.00
HP 15-ac108ni - 15.6" - Core i7 - 1 TB HDD R 12 842.00
HP 15-ay005ni-15.6"-Corei7 6500U-6GB RAM 1 TB HDD R 14 172.00
HP EliteBook 850 G2 - 15.6" - Core i7 5500U R 25 432.00
HP EliteBook 850 G3 - 15.6" - Core i7 6500U R 23 727.00
Hp Zbook 15 G2 Mobile Workstation - 15.6" R 42 167.00
Acer Aspire V Nitro 7-592G-74Q8 - Black Edition - 15.6" R 23 390.00
Acer Extensa M2610_E-Pentium G3260 3.3 GHz-4GB-500 GB R 7 967.00
Acer Predator - Core i7 6700K 4 GHz - 16 GB R 32 772.00
HP 280 G1-Core i3 4160 3.6GHz-4GB-500GB R 8 385.00
HP EliteDesk 800 G2 - Core i5 6500 3.2 GHz - 4 GB - 500 GB R 12 432.00
Proline Smart Nano AMD Athlon 5150, 4GB DDR3, 500GB R 4 520.00
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