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  • Cabling and ICT Solutions

    From network cabling, to audio visual installation, to device management, we provide expert services in the form of contract, system integrator or managed service, SourceNet Consulting provides IT consulting services that help businesses engage with customers. It is a trusted partner in southern Africa for everything from enterprise-wide networks to completely personalized solutions. Since 2013, SourceNet Consulting Cabling and ICT Solutions has been addressing the critical needs of small and bigger companies to plant the seed for a secure future. Whether your company is a small business or a large enterprise, SourceNet Cabling and ICT Solutions provides you the network solutions you need to stay connected..

    Desktop Support Services

    Is your business technology outdated? Let us take care of your computing needs. Let us make your IT function like a point of service. Let us take you to a place you haven't seen just yet. One-on-one personal computer and network management. Usually, computer systems are in the data centre. However, sometimes it is desirable to outsource the management of a system to a third-party. This can be done by utilizing a soft service Installation, Setup Configuration of Workstation/computers, applications, peripherals etc.Workstation Support (Operating Systems, applications, peripherals). Virus Removals Updates .

  • Business Security Solutions

    Looking for Business Security Solutions for an ever-changing socio-economic environment. Business security has never been more important. It is essential to ensure that your business is secure from the perimeter to the interior. Securing Assets and staff through surveillance monitoring, hardware and vehicle protection, and theft prevention. It remains imperative to stay ahead in protection technology and ensure your security hardware and software are always up-to-date. Our Security Solutions can help mitigate loss, improve profitability, optimise performance, and increase conversion rates all while enhancing your customer experience. Our Smart Technology offers a series of features that focus on event-based functions that deliver many advantages specifically designed for environments such as retail, industrial, manufacturing, mining, hospitality, education, and finance.

    Server virtualisation

    Whatever the platform or hardware. It’s virtualization. Whatever the application, it’s Virtual. It maximizes resources, increases security, and makes your IT operations more efficient. Virtual. Monitor PC & Cloud Capacity. Reduce Costs. Manage Your IT Infrastructure. See How Virtualization Works Today.. Successful server virtualization can lead to improved server utilization and more efficient use of server assets. Server virtualization is also important for successful server consolidation projects that maintain the isolation of separate systems. Virtualization is driven by the need to consolidate multiple hosts and services on a single machine. Virtualization reduces costs through the sharing of hardware, infrastructure, and administration. - Allow large scale virtualisation of workload.


SourceNet Consulting has a staff complement of skilled consultant with dedicated support team. “SourceNet's people have a broad range of skills, including in sourcing process and category know-how, and effective team leadership. This makes for a very powerful combination, and ensures that results are delivered quickly and effectively“. Clients's success is based entirely on the caliber of our people. With this in mind, we recruit only high caliber procurement and supply chain people with many years’ procurement and strategic sourcing experience. Our people possess good educational backgrounds and a burning desire to get things done. To be successful our people have to be well-rounded and not only have an excellent understanding of procurement techniques, but also possess highly developed analytical, strategic and change management skills..

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Feature Tech

SourceNet Consulting’s consulting services help enterprises create and manage high-performing, resilient supply chains that drive sustained, profitable growth, even in the face of sudden, dramatic change...

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